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Mentally, I am in a whole new head space. I no longer hide away at the trampoline park, beach, park, or anywhere else the kids want to be. I am right in there with them getting crazy and having fun. Being part of their memories instead of just documenting them from afar has made my entire family closer and happier. I even feel more confident in front of my husband.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself... ​

My name is Kimberly Leightner and I live in Pearl City, Hawaii.

I am 33 years old and I’m married to an active duty Air Force member.  We have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids ages 7, 6, and 5.

My primary job is raising/homeschooling our children.  

What brought you to the First In Family initially?

I heard about First In Nutrition from a good friend and fellow homeschool mom.

We were sitting at the park and I was complaining about doing a 21 day thing AGAIN, and how I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  She asked me, “why would you be miserable for 21 days and expect any lasting results?”

I started to believe she was right and I really wanted her to be right because I was sitting there starving while she, lean as could be, was snacking on chips.

She gave me a number to call FIN.

Tell us a little bit about your background and history with food.

My entire life I had been back and forth and up and down with food, working out, self esteem…you get the point.

I was a binge eater.  I would eat small meals all day in front of people, but when I put the kids to bed and no one was looking, I would go straight for the pantry and eat everything that wasn’t nailed down.  

What was the turning point in your life when you realized you needed to make a change?

I didn’t really have a light bulb moment that made me come into the Family. I have always struggled. I saw my friend’s success and thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t have expectations going in because I’d tried so hard for so long with programs that promised results but fell flat.

I have, however, had many, many light bulb moments once my journey got started. They range from, realizing measuring isn’t too hard for me, I don’t have to have an emotional relationship with food, there are not “good” or “bad” foods, the list goes on and on.

What was the journey like and what changes did you make?

I finally decided to jump in and really push myself to achieve my goal of surviving 24 weeks of a “diet”. After turning in my week 0 tracking sheet, I was shocked to find out that Anne actually wanted me to eat MORE FOOD! What???

I thought this was supposed to help me lose weight! But every single week my food went UP…and the scale went DOWN!

My first snag came a few weeks in.  My protein was creeping up and I was not use to the volume of food I was consuming.  Talk about a problem…too much food….wowza. I was loving my results and fully trusting the process.

Fast forward to 24 weeks later when it was decision time again.  I was more than happy to continue my journey.  I knew that our money would not be wasted because not only was I surviving, I was thriving.

How do you feel after making those changes?

Mentally, I am in a whole new head space.  I no longer hide away at the trampoline park, beach, park, or anywhere else the kids want to be.

I am right in there with them getting crazy and having fun.

Being part of their memories instead of just documenting them from afar has made my entire family closer and happier.  I even feel more confident in front of my husband.

After having 3 kids back to back and moving all over the world, I was up over 200lbs.  67 weeks in I am down over 40lbs.  I am in better shape than when we met! 

What did your friends/family think of your transformation?

I have had a pretty dramatic transformation which prompted a lot of comments from co workers. Things like “I hope you’re not going to lose anymore weight.” “You’re really skinny.”

Luckily, friends and family have been supportive.

There were times when it was tough on my relationship since my partner and I don’t have similar goals but we were able to talk and come to an understanding. 

Were you active or did you workout during your journey?

I was lucky to get 30 min 3x a week of simple body weight exercise in my living room, so I was active but not overly. One thing I have tried to be consistent about is walking.

What does being First In mean to you?

First In Nutrition is a family and it has reconnected me to my own family in so many ways.

Where do you think you'd be right now had you not joined the First In Family?

What was the biggest challenge or change when you started with First In and how did you overcome it?

I called immediately, but actually committing took longer for me.  I went back and forth for weeks wondering if I could stick to something for a full 24 weeks and if I was willing to gamble our hard earned money on a diet. That gamble paid off in more ways than one and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Breaking social norms was also a challenge initially. Not having that extra drink, not eating “all I can eat” at the BBQ, weighing food at social gatherings, these were the hardest for me.

I realized that I had to surround myself with like minded people to be comfortable and continue being successful in my journey.


I honestly don’t know what my goals are for the future. It feels very freeing to know that anything is possible.

I will continue to listen to my coach and I hope to always stay at a level that I am comfortable in my own skin.

Around month 7 of the program, I hit a goal that I had been dreaming of for more than two decades, my BMI was under 30 and I was finally qualified to have a breast reduction surgery.  The surgery went well, my recovery was fast and way easier than I imagined it would be.    

What are your top 5 "secrets" for success?

1- Trust the process and your coach.

2- If you are overwhelmed, ask for help.

3- You can go as simple or as complicated with food as you want.

4- Let time show you that weighing and managing food isn’t as hard as you think.

5- You don’t have to be perfect, practice makes progress.


any advice for someone thinking about getting started?

Do it!

You won’t regret it!

It’s the best decision you will ever make for yourself!


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