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First In is full of some of the most supporting individuals I have ever known. Don’t hesitate. Jump in with both feet. Your only regret will be not joining our amazing family sooner!"

Tell us a little bit about yourself... ​

My name is Mollie Mossor and I am 36 years old. I am originally from the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, but currently live in Okinawa, Japan.

I am married to an active-duty Marine and we have two children who are 10 and 7 and a lab mix named Presley.

I am a stay at home Mom and everyone would say I am a runner, but I still don’t call myself one.

What brought you to the First In Family initially?

I joined First In Nutrition to fuel the work I was already doing. I finally was ready to put myself first. I couldn’t continue to fill everyone else’s cup unless my cup and stomach were full as well.

I also have a great friend who was already part of the family. When I saw her roll up to a workout one day eating an oreo as part of her breakfast and she looked fantastic, I knew this group was for me.

Tell us a little bit about your background and history with food.

I grew up with all the fashion diets in my face; replace your meal with a shake or bar, low fat, no carb, you name it and I have seen it. Society was pushing us to get rid of something or drink a certain drink or eat a certain meal replacement to get results.

I admit, I fell into those traps, sometimes would lose weight, and then once I was either tired of the fad or somewhat happy with my results, I would go back to normal life. Of course, the weight would creep back on and then some. It was a yoyo effect, and it wasn’t mentally or physically healthy at all.

Then I entered the stage of being a busy mom. I would find myself getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee and kicking off my day. By bedtime, I would realize that I might have only had coffee and that bagel for a quick snack, or only ate what was left over from my children’s plates for lunch, and then be starving at night. Which would make me want to eat everything in sight.

Turns out, my body wasn’t getting enough food for my level of activity nor was it a healthy lifestyle to continue.

What was the turning point in your life when you realized you needed to make a change?

My cup was empty. I was tired of looking out for the wellbeing of my family and realized I wasn’t looking out for myself. I was sitting in the car after a run and again, thinking about my friend with the oreo. She was urging me to join.

To be honest, she has urged me to do a lot of things that sometimes have taken me out of my comfort zone, but everything that I have done because of her has always brought me joy and success. At that moment, I knew this was something I had to do.

What was the journey like and what changes did you make?

The changes I made were huge! I currently eat more than 3,000 calories a week than I was before FIN. However, these changes weren’t overnight. My coach, Kim, is amazing. Being new to tracking my food, she made sure the process was gradual and I understood everything.

I also feel so free. There is no more guilt with eating certain foods or the amount I am eating throughout the day because it fits into what is planned. If I need to eat a bowl of popcorn and or a handful of chocolate chips, then so be it.

Along with my normal activity level, I started incorporating strength training three to four days a week. It has not only helped with my running, but I am also seeing changes in my body as well.

How do you feel after making those changes?

I feel free and yet in control at the same time. I also have a better relationship with food knowing my body NEEDS this food to function properly.

What did your friends/family think of your transformation?

I haven’t seen my extended family in over two years, so I am curious what they will think. Last time I saw them, I was slim, but dealing with health issues due to needing to be gluten free and having no idea. They haven’t seen me since I have started to tone up.

My husband definitely isn’t complaining about my changes. He is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. My children also are encouraging. When we go out to eat, they often ask if where we are choosing to go has something I can enjoy and if I remembered to bring my travel scale.

My friends are the best. They often surprise me with items that they know will fit my lifestyle. I recently completed a relay race and they arrived with foods that they knew I had planned in my day or could easily add.

Were you active or did you workout during your journey?

I was active before, during, and continue to be during my journey. I have averaged around 1,000 to 1,450 miles ran each year the last 4 years. This past fall I completed a marathon and two weeks later the Marine Corps 50K.

I am also a member of a running club for military spouses where I occasionally lead runs. I run about 5-6 days a week and have added strength training 3 to 4 days a week.

What does being First In mean to you?

Family: It is full of some of the most supporting individuals I have ever known.

It’s about ME. Becoming a better form of myself so I can be a better person for my family. Like I said, if my cup or stomach aren’t full, how can I fill others?

It means taking control. Living the life of a military spouse I can’t control much, but I can control how I feel, how I fuel my body, and who I surround myself with.

Where do you think you'd be right now had you not joined the First In Family?

I think I would still be that tired, starving, burnt out Mom with no direction and unhappy with myself.

What was the biggest challenge or change when you started with First In and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was myself. It was actually clicking start and signing up. I cannot tell you how many months I looked at the First In website, filled out the member information, and then didn’t press submit.

I was afraid this was one more thing that wouldn’t work for me. I was afraid tracking my food was going to be too complicated and too overwhelming. I was the only thing holding me back on my journey.

I had a moment with myself that I needed to do this and it was the best thing for me. My husband also encouraged me to put myself first.

What do you feel kept you from making the progress you desired before First In?

What I was doing before wasn’t sustainable or enjoyable. I didn’t look forward to meals when I ate them mentally or physically. Now, I truly look forward to that snack I must have or meal and know it is what my body needs!

What’s next for you and where do you see this journey taking you in the future? ​

My next move is continuing to work with Kim! Putting my head down, doing the work, and enjoying the results.

What are your top 5 "secrets" for success?

1, Trust the process. Go all in. Your coach knows what they are talking about.

2. Listen to FIN LIVE! It is such a great resource and has answered so many questions I have had before I even had the chance to ask them! I listen while making dinner, working out, or driving around town.

3. Use the calculators provided in the First In resources.

4. Keep your meals simple at first. There is no reason to over complicate or stress out. Having meals easy to deconstruct or weigh make things easier.

5. Don’t let others make you feel guilty for living this lifestyle or turning something down that doesn’t fit in your day. I was listening to a live and a statement from Jonathan stuck with me: “If you aren’t a smoker and someone offered you a cigarette, would you feel guilty for saying, “no thank you”? Then why would you feel guilty for saying “No thank you” when offered something that wouldn’t fit your plan for the day?” Such a simple statement, but such a strong message.


Any advice for someone thinking about getting started?

Don’t hesitate. Jump in with both feet. Your only regret will be not joining our amazing family sooner.


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