Firefighter Spouse, Mother, First In Family: Murphy Payeur


Being First In is so much more than just losing weight or working out. It’s knowing you’re never alone, no matter what life throws at you.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself... ​

My name is Murphy Payeur. I am a 38 year old Stay at home Mom and Firefighter wife.

I have two children. Tommy is 7 years old and Maureen is 1.5 years old and a 3 year old fur-baby named Reagan.

I have been married to my husband, Greg for 9 years, and we live in Milan, Michigan.

What brought you to the First In Family initially?

What initially brought me to the First In Family was my husband, Greg.

He had been a part of the Family for about 5 months, prior to me joining.

After the birth of our daughter, Maureen, I was looking to lose the baby weight.

Tell us a little bit about your background and history with food.

I have yo-yo’ed with my weight my entire adult life. I have tried every quick fix out there. I would lose 5-10 lbs and always gain it right back.

I always wanted the easy way out, when it came to weight loss.

What was the turning point in your life when you realized you needed to make a change?

The turning point for me, was after the birth of our daughter. I was 60 pounds over weight and completely unhappy with how I looked and felt.

I had finally come to realize that everything I had tried was never going to work; in the long run.

I was tired of going back and fourth, and wanted a truly sustainable way of losing the weight and still being able to enjoy all my favorite foods.

What was the journey like and what changes did you make?

At the start of my journey with First In, I had a hard time forgetting everything I thought I knew about losing weight or eating right. I always associated food with weight gain, when in reality I wasn’t eating enough!

I fought my Coach, in the beginning, because I didn’t understand how eating more food was actually what my body needed. I didn’t understand that fat and carbs are not bad, and are actually vital for our bodies.

Once I finally stopped thinking that I “knew better” and trust the process, is when I started seeing dramatic progress.

How do you feel after making those changes?

After making those changes, I feel amazing!

I have lost over 60 pounds. My hair and skin look better, and I am stronger!

I also have more energy and I don’t feel deprived from my favorite foods.

What did your friends/family think of your transformation?

My friends and family have been shocked with my transformation, and they have been extremely supportive.

I wasn’t too surprised with this, because I choose to keep my circle small, and surround myself with those who are going to support me.

Were you active or did you workout during your journey?

I have been active during my journey and started working out for the first time in my life when I joined Fully Involved Training.

I am not perfect, and do not workout as much as I could, but I make sure that I am moving with purpose everyday.

What does being First In mean to you?

Being First In, to me means Family, Support, and Accountability.

I have a community of people who are walking the walk with me and truly want to see me succeed. They are there to encourage me, to celebrate the good times, and to pick me up during the bad times.

We have laughed together and we have cried together. We have shared our secrets with each other, without fear of judgment.

Being First In is so much more than just losing weight or working out. It’s knowing you’re never alone, no matter what life throws at you. It’s knowing you have an army behind you, who always has your back, and its knowing that even if you fall, you have this community to pick you up, dust you off, and get you back on track.

Being First In, is an honor and a privilege, and something I will never take for granted.

Where do you think you'd be right now had you not joined the First In Family?

If I had not joined the First In Family, I would be overweight with no energy, looking for the next quick fix.

I would still be chasing that “magic pill” and depriving myself of all the food I love.

What was the biggest challenge or change when you started with First In and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me, by far, was forgetting everything I thought I knew. It was realizing that if I actually knew what I was doing I wouldn’t be 60 pounds overweight and miserable.

I had to learn to trust the process, and to trust that my Coach knew what they were doing and actually wanted to see me succeed.

It was difficult for me to do this at first. I had 38 years of “stuff” to unlearn. I had to learn to fully surrender to the process. Once I did that, the rest was cake!

The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

What do you feel kept you from making the progress you desired before First In?

Lack of knowledge is what kept me for making progress before joining First In.

Not fully understanding the role nutrition plays in the function of our bodies, and learning that losing weight and gaining muscle wasn’t going to be found in a pill and it wasn’t going to happen overnight. It was going to happen with time, dedication, and work.

What’s next for you and where do you see this journey taking you in the future? ​

What’s next for me is building muscle. I don’t have the desire to bench 200lbs or have a chiseled 6 pack. For me, I want to be toned and I want to be strong.

I want to feel good in and out of my clothes.

I will never be finished with First In. I will always be a member of this family. This is not a diet or phase for me. This is a lifestyle now.

My ultimate goal is to be a Coach. Yes, me. The girl who hated working out, and was looking for the next quick fix. I want to be able to help others who were in my situation, and are tired of the yo-yo dieting and “get skinny quick” schemes.

I want to show people that there is a way to reach your goals without sacrificing the food you love.

What are your top 5 "secrets" for success?

1. Trust the process!

2. Forget everything you think you know.

3. Weigh all your food. Even the bites, licks, and tastes. Those add up quicker than you think!

4. Don’t lie! Even if your day isn’t perfect, be honest because you’re not cheating anyone but yourself. Plus, no one is looking for perfection, and you shouldn’t be either.

5. Drink your water. You would be amazed at what getting adequate hydration can do.

6. And one more…REACH OUT TO THE FAMILY! We are all here to help you. Lean on us and ask all the questions!! There is no stupid question. Trust me I know, I’ve asked them all. ;)


Any advice for someone thinking about getting started?

What do you have to lose?

If you’re on the fence that tells me that you’re tired of living the way you’ve been living, and are looking for change.

Why not do it with hundreds of people cheering you on.


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